Thursday, 2 February 2012


The exact moment that work starts on a new album is often planned well in advance.  That is true for many bands, but for Dayglo Fishermen the decision to start recording a new album is always spontaneous, and triggered by something special.

During September 2011, 17 Months after the release of Dayglo Fishermen’s last studio album, ‘Moons That Cast Their Light’, the band suddenly started production of their new album.  The trigger that set things in motion was the opening of the band's new London production facility, Mammoth Studios.  Over the last five months the drum, bass and keyboard sequences for four tracks have been completed, with a fifth track well into production.

Mammoth Studios
Mammoth Studios is dedicated to the recording of Dayglo Fishermen’s electronic sections of music, which means that the guitar and vocals are still recorded at the band’s primary facility, Cozmic Studios, in Buckinghamshire.  Despite this new separation of tasks there is no sense of isolation.  Early mixes of the tracks are digitally delivered to other band members allowing guitar and vocal parts to be composed and rehearsed at leisure.  The new distributed work pattern appears to be working well, with completed guitar tracks on the first two songs sounding nothing short of phenomenal.

More guitar sections will be recorded during the next session at Cozmic Studios, scheduled for later this month.

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  1. I think changing the recording process and environment always affects the material produced. An unplanned short-timespan group effort like 'My Voice', where roles are mixed and people spark ideas off each other produces different material (a negotiated outcome) to the defined roles of the current album. Both have their place and neither is more legitimate or 'correct', but I do believe the current set-up is already producing a more consistent quality.