Sunday, 22 February 2015

Chilling in the Woods

It was March 1993.  In need of a band photo for their forthcoming new album, Dayglo Fishermen headed into the depths of a Northumbrian Forest with the eminent Scottish photographer,  J. Lorne Inglis. It was bitterly cold, and soon all concerned were experiencing the effects of mild exposure. Despite the suffering the band endured the lengthy shoot with good humour, which resulted in one of the band's most iconic photos, shown below:

The cover photo for Dayglo Fishermen's 'The Dayglo Fishermen' album
Photography by J Lorne Inglis

The photo was used on the cover of the band's eponymous 1993 album, 'The Dayglo Fishermen', and also in the follow-up album, 'Animate' later that same year.

But there were also some other arguably more interesting photos take during that painfully frigid outing.

The one below is particularly interesting. The lighting conditions, combined with the band's clothing, posture and expressions, gives the impression that it was taken a century earlier. Its Victorian feel gives the image a sense of depth and mystery that was never intended or expected.

Dayglo Fishermen as they would have looked circa 1880
Photography by J Lorne Inglis

An experiment with a wide angle lens produced the following close-up photographs.  They present an informal and more playful aspect of the band:

Interesting wide-angle close-ups
Photography by J Lorne Inglis

Finally, in a remarkably over-exposed flash image, a former band member emerges from the darkening gloom to perform an expertly executed photobomb:

From the darkness he came
Photography by J Lorne Inglis

To see a few more visit Dayglo Fishermen's group photos page for 1993.