Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Racks of Equipment

Rack of Equipment - Mammoth Studios
Like writing, composing music can often be a lonely affair, with countless hours, days and weeks spent alone in a room with just a PC and a rack of equipment for company.  At least musicians have that rack of equipment, with its mass of blinking lights and endless possibilities of sound generation.

Reports from the inner sanctum of Dayglo Fishermen indicate that, despite their enforced isolation from each other, the members of the band are experimenting and composing with remarkable clarity, imagination and cohesion, and making exceptionally good use of their racks of equipment.  Recently the keyboards and drums for tracks six, seven and eight of the new album have been completed at the band's London recording facility, Mammoth Studios.  Within the next month or two the guitars tracks for those three songs will be laid down, and then the delicate task of recording the vocal performances will be tackled.

As of this date two songs for the new album are completed, with only mixdown and some minor post-production work to be done.

Those few in a priveleged enough position to have listened to the songs are thrilled by what they have heard.  There has definitely been a buzz of excitement emanating from Dayglo Fishermen's production facilities over the last couple of months.  That, combined with the feel-good factor of the London Olympics, has created a positive summer vibe that has shimmered across the world with an almost intoxicating effect.