Sunday, 5 July 2015

Layers of Video

Music videos can often look simple, but such simplicity often consists of many layers of visuals to create the final result. Dayglo Fishermen videos are no exception.

To illustrate this, here's a break down of the final scene for the band's 'I Can Dance Now' video, a promo for their 2010 album 'Moons That Cast Their Light'. The scene utilises a still photo of the band several times with many effects, pans and zooms applied, creating a drifting and calming effect as the end credits are played

First, on top of a black background, a layer featuring a slow zoom in to Ginny's hair is added. The hue and saturation of the colour is enhanced, an animated CRT TV simulation is added, and finally the brightness raised to create an over-exposed look:

The next layer features a close up pan of the band photo from left to right. Again the hue and saturation are enhanced and an animated CRT TV simulation added. but this time the brightness is lowered to create a dark and shadowy impression:

Next a layer is added featuring a slow zoom out from Ginny to reveal the whole band. Initially the hue and saturation colour levels are high, but they reduce throughout the sequence until the image is black and white. The CRT TV simulation is also present once again, but softened to remove the grid effect:

And finally, a white text layer is added featuring a black outline and shadow to ensure the production credit is readable against the ever changing background:

The finished scene is remarkably mezmerising, compelling the viewer to watch right to the final fade. Watch it now, along with all Dayglo Fishermen promo and concert videos, on the band's YouTube channel.