Friday, 17 June 2016

Publicity Machine

For any band, once a new album is due to be released, or a concert tour schedule is confirmed, a publicity machine whirs into action and a promotional campaign begins. This is usually a carefully planned and highly coordinated sequence of activities to make the most of all the avenues of publicity possible, both digital and traditional.

Dayglo Fishermen, however, prefer a more organic and random approach to publicity. And the promotional campaign for their upcoming concert at the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury, UK, in September, 2016, shows little deviation from that approach. Here's the sequence of events:

Dayglo Fishermen's concert was announced on the band's official website in February 2016:

Soon after, the concert was listed on the Limelight Theatre website.  A banner with a link to it was placed on the band's website homepage:

In April 2016 the Dayglo Fishermen Tweeted the news about the concert:

And that was closely followed by the publication of the concert poster on their official website. The poster will eventually be seen around the theatre's locality (which will be the only non-digital promotion, apart from word-of-mouth):

The poster was shared on Facebook:

A teaser trailer for the concert was published on the band's YouTube site in June 2016:

The video was shared on Twitter:

And then on Facebook:

The band hopes, no doubt, that such Tweets and Facebook announcements are shared, and that the video teaser goes viral - possibly the best publicity of all.

This may well be the end of the publicity campaign for Dayglo Fishermen's 2016 concert, or there may be a lot more to come.  It's hard to tell when there's no strategy or plan to speak of.

What is clear, though, is that on 10th September 2016 at the Limelight Theatre in Aylesbury, UK, there is going to be an event not to be missed.  Take note of all this promotional material and book your tickets now.